Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dante's Inferno

I have been struggling with the Inferno for years now. Drawing and redrawing pages in preparation for the day I publish an illustrated book of plates. I am never happy with the results and it has turned into the personal project that never ends (much like my comic) but I must say, there is comfort in things that you know will last your entire life :) Heres a cover rough that I decided about a year ago not to use as an idea. Thought it might be fun to share something a little different today.


  1. Your work is SO GOOD that I'm having a real hard time here to find the exact words to describe the feeling that your art evokes from the deepest spot of creativity in my mind. This is AWESOME!!! Just can't wait to see more and more coming.

  2. great texture work. such detail. cool :)

  3. A total viewing pleasure .. Furman