Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sculpture commission

Hello all,
I am sculpting a 3/4 sized nude female angel in masters clay over the next couple of months. A private commission (thank the gods for wealthy folk), not sure if it will be bronzed afterwards or what, I am only being asked to produce the finished clay figure for display in the fellows giant living room. I will be photographing the entire process and posting it on here for your viewing pleasure. This will start in a couple of weeks :) Really looking forward to working on my first sculpture in over two years. It has been too long doing 2-d :)


  1. This piece is not that great...just sayin.....

  2. elisabeth thunderberry - Wasteland en Plainfield VT
    When he takes from her, she holds back
    With aggressive and harsh gentleness
    He renders no thanks to God's creation
    Within the laws of magic faierie dust
    So then what appears as sacred
    Is really far less, it is coward-like suspension
    Profane and gnostic,an earth-bound trash
    Reflecting death,rendered ungrateful vice
    For here is a woman,and here is her enemy
    Gathered in this, this battlefield bed

    poem for Corey Furman

  3. Dear Corey...tell your wicked immature sidekick to stop sending me harassing comments on my have shown nothing but disregard for women like me. I think you will never be my friend.I dont wish you well....I wish that I had never met you. You make me sick